New Building - 3 stories high - in El Campello Beach - Alicante


Built from scratch, from an old small house that has been demolished, leaving the space for this new beauty.

Three floors high, including a ground floor open plan, plus a downstairs cellar.
Inside the apartments, two circular patios organise the different spaces and different movements where spaces get shaped. All spaces are dynamic, organic, and they transport a person towards the Sea, from where the home came.

Info:               Casa sinuosa - calle san vicente, 53, campello, alicante
Promotor:     Joost Wouters / surface: 420 m²
Built:             2005 - 2007
Team:           Aniana Ruiz Diez (architect), David Navarro Moreno ( architect), María Jesús Sansano Javayoles( archiect)
Builder:        Eurobuild Costablanca S.L.
Photos:         David Frutos
Magazine:    Exposición AMPM